I'm  American.
Working  24/7.
 body is crap.
Give me a solution.
cheap and perfect.
''Massagica'' No.1 on Earth.

See the photo,  3 Functions.
50 years in mechanical engineering
and  Benefits:  for neck, spine,
hips, muscles, internal organs.


Elon  Musk
can  not  invent  this.
Not the lack of IQ (155),
maybe,  just  too  young.


No   similar   device.

We will do it.  Or.  It won't exist.

T e s t i m o n i a l s    2019

Massage Chairs are OK.

But here comes,  the Game-Changer,  

3X  better.

T e s t i m o n i a l s   2009

Bones   -   agility
  Muscles   -    elasticity 
 Organs   -    vitality

 Skeleton   &  Muscles   Elasticity.

1.     =   100 bones,  100 cartilages,

   spine,   hips,   pelvis, 

2.     =   100  muscles,   100  joints,

           ribs,   neck,   shoulders,

3.     =   all   your   internal  organs.

Hrbtenica  Kraljica

Ležimo,  sedimo,

za  rito  skrbimo.
n se  redimo.

Kaj  pa  hrbet ?
kosti,  hrbtenica ?
kolki,  medenica ?
100  in  100  mišic ?
10 notranjih organov ?
Znotraj  in  okrog,
debeli,  zavaljeni,
leni,  zamaščeni.

Slovenci  oprostimo  vse,

le uspeha ne. 

Če Slovenec nekaj pogrunta,

je z njim že kaj narobe.

Can have a better life. 

Get  a  vibrant  body.


Nice  bumping:  bottom - up.
Eight  cushions  Orchestra.

Dobra roba   se sama hvali.


Health is always a good idea

Live longer,  gain 20+ years


Fix  what  You  have .


Don't crash your joints.

Don't be overtrained.

Stay elastic and painfree.


What is not important,

will become important

Spine, hips, posture,

muscles, organs, skin.


Become painfree, zero gravity,  zero stress, body elastic equilibrium.


Fun  and  Recreation

Ci vorrebbe un fisico bestiale.


We know, how to help you.

And we  will  help you.

And You will help Yourself.

The greatest pleasure

 is to do something

 that others have told

you   it is impossible.


Relax, Release, Remove, Degrease, Decompress, Reduce, Relieve, Relief, Unleash, Mitigate, Loosen, Straighten, Strech, Stability, Breathing, Fit and Fitness, Recreation, Wellness, Well-being, Balance, Equilibrium, Elasticity, Agility, Spine Flex and Lubricate, Convalescence, Cure and Heal, Anti-Stress, Anti-tension, Anti-depression, Anti-Fragility, Rest and Comfort, Repose and Dream, Sleep and Recover.

New Medical, Wellness, Massage Bed,  for You.

Most important :

Liberty  from  Gravity.

Convert pain into power.

1 - Form  &  Function
       beauty and ef f iciency.

2 -  Value   &   Vision
       health  and  life.

Baby steps count. One move at a time.

Don't be afraid.      Start from a zero.

Your destiny is in your hands.  Try a new approach.

Be a Legend.   Make sacrifices.

Don't follow the rules.  
Go against the tide.

Redifine mistakes.  From disaster into direction.


CAD, CAM, CNC                       and Rock&Roll. 



Before it happens.   Try the new bed.

Only  with  exercise  and  movements  we

wash out the impurities from cartilages.

And allow to fill in new water and fresh 

nutritious liquids to  feed  and  soften  

the  intervertebral  cartilaginous  discs.